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Welcome to Adenya Spa where scientific rest becomes perfect with artistic design. Sultan SPA which offers ladies a service fit for a Sultan, Hünkar Spa for Men and Family Bath Special for Couples are at your service.



Dead tissue will be cleaned and your blood circulation will be accelerated by getting scrubbed with a coarse bath-glove and foam application in traditional Turkish bath decorated with Ottoman tiles.


Sauna in the wellness area is one of the places preferred by our guests to relieve the tiredness of the day. Skin pores open by sweating in the sauna and skin's dead cells are cleaned.

Spa & Wellness

Spa & Wellness is a special place where the notions of health and beauty coming from water are masterfully harmonized by experienced and curative hands. All kinds of water and mud treatments are in the scope of Spa. SPA which has a broader meaning than its literal meaning today, is not only used for water and mud therapies, it is also a name given to health, curing services such as hot water pool, various massage therapies, aromatherapies, beauty and care and you can benefit from Adenya Spa & Wellness where you get the feeling of resting and freshening up gained with healing with water, health coming from use of water, hot, cold and different forms of water.

Sultan SPA


Sultan SPA which offers ladies a service fit for a Sultan

Hünkar SPA


Hünkar Spa for men



If you wish, you can indulge yourself in our special family bath special for couples and experience health and pleasure at the same time as a couple.


Consisting of the first stage in the Turkish bath tradition, ‘scrub’ is applied to get cleaned and purified after the body sweats intensively. The scrub takes the toxic substances accumulated in the pores of the skin and opens the clogged pores and eliminates the unevennesses. Foam bath, however, is covering the body with an intensive foam made of natural soaps and a matchlessly conforting massage made with the help of this foam.


Classic massage is a form of massage that results from the application of hard strokes and circular movements to the body partially or completely. Classical massage helps soften aching muscles and accelerates blood circulation. It creates a feeling of relaxation in the body. Classic massage helps the person to get rid of fatigue and stress by revitalizing the tissues and cells in the body.

Medikal Masaj


Medical massage is a type of massage that aims to increase the mechanical and reflex effects. Medical massage should only be used for therapeutic purposes. The aim of treatment is intense pain in the muscles. Pain occurs due to fatigue in the muscles, especially during intensive or heavy working conditions. Thanks to the medical massage, the pain in these muscles is quickly solved. After the medical massage application, a rapid healing process takes place in the damaged area. In case of regular massage, the damaged or tired organ quickly returns to its original state. One of the goals of medical massage is to improve your quality of life. With the medical massage which will give you ability in both movements and flexibility, psychological treatment is also applied.


It is one of the best massage types where you can easily and easily remove the negative energy accumulated in your body. For massage, the stones should be heated in water and placed at the right points on the body. Stones that come into contact with the dots create movement in the muscles and tissues and change your blood flow. These points are the energy points of our body. They are known as chakras or chakras. With this massage you meet 4 elements (Air - Fire - Water - Soil). Helps with muscle, bone and joint problems. Insomnia solves your problem and relieves your headaches. Relieves waist and back pain, reduces. It takes stress and tension. It also improves blood circulation and helps your digestive problems.

Sıcak Taş Masajı
Mix Therapy Masajı


Mix massage is the most important massage among the applications to increase body resistance through different massage techniques. With this massage you can relax by removing all the negative energy you have experienced. You can choose this massage method to keep your body and soul vigorous against the crowded life of cities. The massage applied with creams having warming effect creates a great amount of relaxation in the body. When specially prepared mixture is applied by experts; muscle pain, muscle retention, tension, calcification and rheumatic disorders caused by these are eliminated. Mix massage, which is an ideal massage method for back, neck, waist and leg pain, is a massage technique applied in our country and in many parts of the world.


This massage is applied with herbal aroma oils and lasts about 60 minutes. Creams and oils obtained by using roots, seeds, leaves and other parts of plants, when applied in the form of massage, creates a great relief effect in the applied part. Thanks to this application, which has received much attention in our country, it becomes possible to get rid of the physical disturbances that arise due to tension and tensions. You will relax physically and spiritually with the aroma massage applied to our guests by our expert team.

Aroma Therapy Masajı
Lenf Drenaj Masajı


Lenf drenaj masajı, özellikle vücudun eklem yerlerinde biriken ödemi azaltmak için kullanılan en önemli çözümlerden biridir. Son derece hafif, yavaş ve ritmik şekilde cilt yüzeyine yapılan bir masajdır. Lenf sıvısının akışını hızlandırır ve şişkinliği en aza indirerek rahatlık sağlar. Lenf drenaj masajı ile lenf akımı desteklenir ve ödemle oluşan şişkinlik azaltılabilir. Lenf drenaj masaji bedenimizi toksinden, bakteriden, mikroptan, kimyasal atıklardan ve sıvı fazlasından arındırır ve direnç sistemimizi güçlendirir. Güçlenen beden, iç ve dış etkenlere karşı mükemmel bir direnç gösterir.


The most important part of cellulite treatment is massage. The main reason for cellulite is circulatory disorder. Blood and lymph circulation disorder and increase in fatty tissue cause accumulation of toxic substances. Cellulite massage activates blood and lymph circulation and allows tissue to be filled with fresh oxygen. Cellulite massage improves subcutaneous blood circulation, allows the diameter of the veins to be narrowed and allows blood to flow through the legs regularly. In this way, regulation of impaired blood circulation, better oxygen delivery to the cells and the removal of toxic substances from the body are provided.


Reflexology is based on the principle that all the organs in the body correspond to the reflex points on the soles of the feet. Reflexology provides free flow of energy in the body. In this massage technique, the blocked energy dissolves in certain parts of the body by special scrubbing movements applied to the feet. As a result, body functions return to normal; the body activates the healing mechanism. Extremely simple and easy to apply this massage method relieves the body from stress, soothes and rests. It also removes toxins and strengthens the circulatory system.

Bali Masajı


Balinese massage provides relaxation in the body by accelerating blood circulation and reducing muscle tension as in other types of massage. Massage with moderate impacts and pressure is applied to reach the bottom of the superficial muscle layers. Balinese massage is different from other types of massage. This is because the nerve endings all over the body are directly connected to certain points under the foot. By applying pressure to these points, it is aimed to dominate and loosen the whole body. Balinese massage is available in many varieties, using herbal extracts, dried herbs, volcanic stones and fresh fruits. The most commonly used plants are lavender, pine, pineapple and coconut.

Thai Masajı


This dressed massage is done on a semi-hard floor. Thai massage, also called yoga, is used for stretching, stretching, stretching and compressing at least sixty kinds. During the session, the position of the therapist is changed frequently and the massage lasts at least one and a half hours. Thai massage is used to relax muscles, reduce swelling in certain areas, and accelerate healing of injuries such as tension and sprains. The stress applied to the nerves helps to relieve the stress of the person. Thai massage is also famous for accelerating blood circulation and energizing. Some movements may be stiff during massage, but excellent results are obtained at the end of the session. Muscles relax, stress relief is provided. In addition, regional pain is reduced, nerves are softened, blood circulation is increased and the body comes to energy.

Thai Masajı


This includes deep cleansing, a mask suitable for the skin type, a relaxing face and décolleté massage. In addition to the nourishment of the skin, this care also provides skin rejuvenation, rejuvenation of the face, accelerating blood circulation and providing oxygen to the tissues on the face.


It is a treatment based on exotic fruit extracts which secretes and renews the skin and protects against wear by applying with basic care especially in seasonal changes.


A mature skin that reduces the intensity of fine lines noticeably by providing a younger and more vibrant skin appearance.


When applied as a cure, it provides a significant reduction in cellulite areas and supports the regional thinning.


  • Peeling with lavender salt in Turkish bath after sauna and shower
  • Jacuzzi pleasure in lavender scented foam
  • Lavender tea pleasure in our lounge
  • Lavender therapy massage
  • Classic facial care


  • Jacuzzi pleasure with rose petals
  • Rose and mint scented sauna
  • Unique taste of dried rose tea in our lounge
  • Rose scented aromatherapy message
  • Foam massage in rose scented foam


  • Coffee peeling in our Turkish bath to rejuvenate your skin after sauna hotness,
  • Milk bath in our jacuzzi where you will feel very special after Turkish coffee and tiramisu in our lounge
  • After relaxing your body which is cleaned off everything with chocolate massage, leave your soul to Adenya Spa with chocolate mask...
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