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    These Services are provided by Ünion Traveling Agency "2156".
    Alanya Culturel Tour

    Tour Schedule Details: ( Our program is unique to our hotel guests. )
    In the morning after having breakfast in the morning at 10:00 am We are moving from our hotel. Our first stop was the beautiful adorned with thousands of stalactites and stalagmites Stalactites cave that we visited this cave. Then rising up to 250 meters from the sea on the peninsula, located 6.5 kilometer length of the walls, 13 century Seljuk fortress of Alanya, which we are going. Located within the 800-year history of the castle are able to worship a mosque sightseeing. 150 years of Ottoman culture which is right next to the mosque we visit home. After taking pictures in a perfect view of the orchards are going to. Which is grown in a way that is completely organic oranges, bananas, apples, tangerines and eating seasonal and local fruits get the chance to rip off from the branch. Then you would be completely surrounded by nature under will eat your ice- tea at Dim River crossing after eating one of the gazebos on whether optionally Bazaar break between 16:30 and 17:30 is the end of our tour.
    2 times per week is made. Start: 10:00  End: 17:00


    Manavgat – Side Culturel Tour

    Details of Tour Program
    Side is a small and historical town beside of Manavgat and will start today in city Center of Side. You will have a historical journey when you see Apollon Temple which is located on Side coast. After this beuty we will drive to Manavgat to see eöciting Manavgat Waterfall and to sail on Manavgat River which is connecting to Mediterran with amazing view. You may relax on the beach or swim in sweet or salty water. Expect a perfect day in today.
    2 times per week is made. Start: 10:00  End: 17:00


    Details of Tour Program
    Rafting is one of the exciting, adventured outdoor sport. When you flow on the river with your boot, you´ll reach to summit of your exciting. Besides, you´ll have satisfaction to watch unique panorama of canyons. Especially, to have lunch can´t be described in middle of beautiful natural views. Shortly, you´ll have an excellent time in rafting... After we arrive to the rafting area, we make sure that we wear for our safety ´life jackets´ before we get on the river boat. Boat type´s are for (4 pax - 6 pax - 8 pax - 12 pax) and an experienced guide will be assist in the boat during the exciting tours (back side in the boat). Water stress is not risky in ‘’Köprülü River’’ at Beskonak, Cool water comes from Magic Legendary Taurus Mountain. River course length is 11 km. and it takes 2 or 3 hours fun (A big competition with other international tourists boats) with adventure on the cool water and entertainment. After unforgettable times we will have lunch during the rafting tour. All the necessary equipment for the rafting sport is supplied by us...
    Every day is between 09:00 and 17:00

    *You should bring your swim suites, water shoes, sandelext, towel,sun cream, one more t-skirt and some money for drinks and photos
    *Please do not take valuable things with you 

    Alanya Short Boat Trip

    The best and the most popular way to discover Alanya´s beautiful cost line and having a great day is making Alanya boat tour with wooden boats. After, we will see the sea caves located around the Alanya castle called pirates, lovers, fosfor, devils. You can swim around the caves and see inside of them. After that we will pass by near Cleopatra´s beach. We have break near sandy, clean and quite Ulaş beach where is about 7 km from city center. During the tour animations and music´s will offer you very entertaining and funny atmosphere. which is clean and having bathrooms, chancing rooms for lady and man.
    2 times per week is made. Start: 14:30 End: 18:00 

    Quat Safari

    Enjoy the newest and most exhilarating way to explore The Taurus Mountains by jumping on a Quad bike. Ride your very own ultimate fun machine, through the largest moving mud and dust mass in the Southern Turkey with Quad Tours. You will spend over two hours exploring the natural environment and learn of the many historical and famous sites from your friendly and professional tour guide, aboard you.
    Details of Tour Program
    One of the best way to discover the beauty of Taurus (TOROS) mountains. You can spend an enjoyfull time with our quads in the forests of Taurus mountains. You won’t believe what those machines can handle off-road!! For a day full of adrenalin in nature do not miss that trip.
    Every day before noon and in the afternoon is the second time. 

    Scuba Diving Tours

    Details of Tour Program
    An exiting and fascination journey under water. Explore the variety of underwater marine life and enjoy the feeling of complete weightlessness, when you enter the magic world of diving. After the first dive (2-5 meters) there will be time to relax and sun bath and snorkel. In the afternoon there will be a second dive(10-15 meters) with a similar program. The steep cliffs which turn to dramatic drop-offs under the surface of the sea-level are fascinating. You will also be served lunch in a relaxing atmosphere..
    Every day is between 09:00 and 17:00. 

    Horse Riding

    1 hour in the presence of proficient riders riding in the woods you will enjoy the taste.
    Every day between 09:00 and 17:00 hours is made optional.

    Dolphin Show

    Europe´s biggest dolphinarium in your wonderful about watching a dolphin show? Professional trainers will not believe what they did in the presence of these intelligent creatures..
    Days of Operation: Everyday (twice a day)
    Only the first time on Tuesday
    Morning: 09:45 – 11:45
    Afternoon: 14:15 – 15:45 

    Jeep Safari

    Details of Tour Program
    You can escape from the city and leave yourself to the beauty of the Taurus Mountains when joining this amusing and adventurous day trip. Get some fresh air, get fun - just get off-road. Experience village life and see how life is being changing just behind the downtown. Also lunch at the nearby river, picnic, swimming, animations, and much more!
    Every day is between 09:00 to 17:00 in the morning. 

    Buggy Safari

    Details of Tour Program
    It is an  adventure and adrenaline safari tour that we organize among the dusty forest roads on the slopes of Taurus(Toros) mountain by buggies. Buggy safari tour takes about 2 and half 3 hours. It is so easy to drive. You can be single or double on the same buggy. We have break at the dim river for swimming and relaxing.
    Every day before noon and in the afternoon is the second time. 


    Details of Tour Program
    The most ideal and easy way to fly is tandem paragliding. Now it is organized in Alanya! Imagine yourself as a bird. You spread your wings and take flight. Feel the currents of air rushing past your face. Feel the wind in your hair. Look out to the majestic mountains on the horizon. Look down to the turquoise water of Mediterranean sea and Cleopatra beach below. This is a thrill most earthbound humans never have a chance to experience. Paragliding is an extremely safe sport when done by the assistance of well-trained and experienced pilots. The equipment used for this sport consists of latest technology products and all the pilots have internationally valid licenses. Flights take place in the 700 meters and last about 25 minutes depending on the weather conditions which contribute to the thermal lift. Landing is on the famous Cleopatra Beach. We invite you to enjoy watching beauties of Alanya from air...
    Every day, including morning and afternoon is the second time.

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